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05/23/14 | ECN Article features Micronor MRI Safe Fiber Optic Sensors
The May-2014 issue of Electronic Component News (ECN) magazine features the Micronor article Fiber Optic Sensors Enable New MRI Applications. The article provides an overview of fiber optic sensors and highlights 3 case studies utilizing Micronor MRI safe sensors:
  • MRI safe patient padaling system (Marquette University)
  • MRI safe treadmill for advanced cardiac stress testing (EXCMR)
  • MRI safe device for studying mechanics of traumatic brain injury (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine)

    01/01/14 | Micronor Upgrades MR330 To 14-Bit Resolution
    To celebrate 2014, Micronor has increased the single-turn resolution of the MR330 series Fiber Optic Position Sensor from 13-bits to 14-bits. This was achieved with improved electronics and the firmware-based algorithm in the MR330-1 Controller. The new production MR330-1 Controllers are backwards compatible with older models and older Controllers can be upgraded for a nominal charge. Contact Micronor sales for additional information.

    08/29/13 | World's First MRI Safe 13-bit Absolute Rotary Encoder
    MR338 is the world's first commercially-available, MRI-compatible fiber optic absolute rotary encoder. The innovative all-optical, non-metallic passive sensor design provides high resolution 13-bit (8192-count) absolute angular position over 0°-360° plus 12-bit (4096-count) multi-turn tracking. The encoder is designed for use in functional-MRI research, MRI teach phantoms, EMC test and other challenging electromagnetic environments where EMF and RF transparency is required.

    05/10/13 | Micronor Celebrates 10 Years of Fiber Optic Sensor Innovation
    May 2013 marks 10 years since Micronor Inc. was first established in a modest business unit on Old Conejo Road in Newbury Park, California. In additional to providing sales and service for Micronor AG products in the North America, Micronor Inc. brought together a group of ambitious fiber optic engineers who spent the next 10 years creating innovative fiber optic sensors. We branded them ZapFREE® because of their immunity to EMI, RFI and lightning.
  • 2004-World's First Commercial FO Incremental Encoder (MR310)
  • 2007-FO Incremental Encoder US Patent 7,196,320 Approved
  • 2010-World's First Commercial MRI-compatible FO Encoder (MR318)
  • 2011-World's First 13-bit FO Position Sensor (MR330)
  • 2012-World's First Commercial MRI-compatible FO Position Sensor (MR338)
  • 2013-FO Absolute Position Sensor US Patent 8,461,514 Approved
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