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Download the FO Sensor Seminar slide deck presented at ANAHEIM ELECTRONICS & MFG SHOW, Sept 26-27 2023, Anaheim, CA

Thank You for Visiting Micronor Sensors at the Anaheim Electronics & Manufacturing Show, Wed-Thur, Sept 27-28 2023

Located at Anaheim Convention Center, ACC North Level

Free Registration – Free Parking – Free Afternoon Reception (Sept 27)

FREE SEMINAR on Fiber Optic Temperature and Strain Sensors for Medical and Industrial Applications

Micronor Sensors is the only sensor solutions provider where fiber optic and electromechanical sensor technology solutions  converge from one very experienced source

Sensors are very broad class of components.  Our focus is solely on sensors for kinetic applications, where things are in motion or put into motion:

  • Encoders and resolvers, FO or EM, to monitor rotary or linear motion and position
  • Rotary or linear limit switches, FO or EM, where discrete position feedback is required
  • Emergency stops, limit switches and pendants, FO or EM, where remote operator signaling is crucial
  • Multi-axis FO Acceleration sensors for dynamically monitoring acceleration or vibration
  • Strain or force monitoring with FBGs
  • Temperature sensors, GaAs or FBGs, where high precision single point or multipoint temperature monitoring is required

We work with customers coming from both sides. Sometimes a Fiber Optic Sensor is the only solution.  And sometimes a conventional Electromechanical solution makes the most sense.  We look at our customer’s application from both sides to help choose the Right solution – the sweet spot where performance and price crossover.

Our sensor offerings are real, commercialized products.  Our goal is to maintain some stock of specific sensors that help the customer get going with his application. The worst decisions are made when lead time forces poor choices and compromises.

Sensors should not be hidden under glass (no fiber optic pun intended!).  At our booth, you could feel, touch and see them operate in real time.  This year featured the following fiber optic sensor products:

We presented a seminar on fiber optic sensors, Commercial Fiber Optic Sensors for Temperature and Strain Monitoring. Click on the seminar link  to download the slide deck from the Seminar. SYNOPSIS: Fiber optic sensors provide immunity to EMI/RFI, magnetic fields, RF & microwave fields, high voltage and radiation – plus their incredibly small size and ability to reach longer distances than conventional thermocouples, strain gauges, and similar electronics-based sensors. This seminar will provide an overview of single point GaAs thermometry (for high precision temperature measurements) and single/multipoint Fiber Bragg Grating sensors (for temperature and strain monitoring) as well as illustrate their use in a selection of medical, aerospace, and industrial applications.

We are offering a 10% discount on GaAs temperature and multipoint FBG sensors for AEMS23 attendees.  If you come across this post-conference overview and place an order before end of October 2023, mention promotion code FBGAEMSC2023 to qualify for the 10% show discount.

…Attend  the 2023 Anaheim Electronics & Mfg Show and let us show  you how Fiber Optic Sensors work and can benefit your projects.

The very next show is in Northern California  – Sensors Converge 2024, Santa Clara, CA, June 24-26 2024!

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